7 exercises to not suffer from lumbar osteoarthritis

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Lumbar osteoarthritis is a disease with degenerative and chronic trends affecting the lumbar region of the spine. Like other forms of arthritis, the osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine degenerates the cartilage covering the vertebrae and over time deforms the joint. The spaces between the vertebrae get narrower, and the muscle contracts and involves rigidity and low back pain. Often low back pain lumbar arthrosis but are not attributable to discopathies.

Of course, age is one of the important factors that influence the disease but it is certainly not the only one. The main causes are:

  • age
  • hereditary predisposition and congenital malformations
  • overweight
  • metabolic and hormonal imbalances
  • strenous work
  • lack of physical activity
  • trauma

In addition to pharmacological and surgical treatments there are natural alternative treatments and postural exercises.

Alternative and natural treatments for the lumbar osteoarthritis.

Although mainstream science does not objectively recognize these methods we believe that these approaches are less invasive and have little or no contraindications:

Acupuncture: This Chinese discipline is recognized by the mainstream medicine as effective in the treatment of pain, therefore, is useful in controlling chronic pain caused by arthritis.

Oligotherapy: is the art of “be treated with a little”. It takes its name from “oligos” that in greek means “small, little” and more generally indicates scarcity. The principle on which this technique is grounded on is that anything that assaults our body does not cause appreciable damage if it encounters a favorable environment. Therefore a body in balance is more durable, but the psychological and physical stress, nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors threaten this balance. This therapy uses the “oligos” – elements that are “trace elements” (so called because in the human body are found only in trace amounts) that is simple, but essential substances, for plant and animal organisms.

Phytotherapy: consists in the use of herbs or extracts of plants. Among the herbs most commonly used for the treatment of lumbar osteoarthritis there are black currant and meadowsweet that have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Postural trainings

When we sit in an armchair, cook, iron etc.. it is good to always put attention to our posture, moreover there are some exercises that can be helpful and can be done at home.

Initial position

Lie on the floor in a prone position with the hands behind the headInitial Position


Exercise 1

Raise head and chestExercise 1


Exercise 2

Raise both straight legs alternately and then at the same timeExercise 2


Exercise 3

Raise the leg straight, bend your knees toward your chest, bending your lower back, then extend the leg back by lifting the lower back. Perform this exercise first with one leg and then with the otherExercise 3


Initial Position

Lying on a hard surface with your knees bent and legs stretched along the sideInitial Position


Exercise 4

Bring one knee toward your chest stretching the other leg. First do it with one leg and then with the otherExercise 4


Exercise 5

Bring both knees to your chest, then, helping with the clasped hands, bring them even more to the chest. Stop in this position for a few seconds and then return to the initial position.Exercise 5


Initial Position

Sitting on an hard chair with your arms at your sides.Initial Position


Exercise 6

With the arms crossed, bend the body to bring the head between the knees. Return to the starting position by contracting the abdominal muscles. This exercise should be performed on an hard chairExercise 6


Initial Position

Sitting on a hard surface with your arms stretched out in front of youInitial Position


Exercise 7

With arms outstretched, bend your back and slowly push them as far back as possible, being careful not to lose your balance. This exercise should be done on a hard surfaceExercise 7


Every treatment must be performed by qualified medical personnel. The statements on this website should be construed as a suggestion, so the authors assume no responsibility for the content.

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