Hi, we are Gaetano & Vittorio, two managers who have gained different experience in management and organization, but especially in the context of personal development.

Companies are made up of people, indeed people make the companies, and only through a balanced personal and professional growth, we believe that our lives can be really satisfying.

By Discussing the various difficulties that we have ridden and the ones that we encounter every day, we recognized that people often lack the guidance, suggestions and the sharing of experiences that allow them to tackle the problem in the most secure, fast and determined way.

We don’t want to present the usual list of content for great experts, and, as often happens, we especially don’t want to arrogantly show the technical knowledge acquired or rattle off theories and rules that can be learned from any book.

The common need is to be daily supported by simple tools, experiences and advices that it is hard to find in the required manner within the required time.

For this reason we created this site, with the intention that anyone can quickly and easily find ready to use tools, ideas, tricks of practical advice and suggestions that facilitate the management of our lives, in both working and private domain.
The topics we deal with are applicable both in terms of professional experience and personal one.

The time we have at our disposal is always limited and you can neither read nor seek the multitude of articles and books on these topics, with the result that we often throw in the towel.

We propose to use well the time, sparing it to the implementation of proven tools that are practical translation of theoretical principles.
We let the readers to explore the topics through the various links available that provide more information, theoretical concepts, historical notes, advice, etc..

Good reading.




Gaetano, 1977
He graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Udine.
He has the possibility to explore the themes of production organization and logistics systems, web design and Information Technology in Finland. He is now an expert in Project Management and Production Planning.
He is keen on computer science, systems analysis and chess.




Vittorio, 1968
Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padua.
He gained significant experiences in the quality systems management, production technical and logistics system, delving into the work teams creation and the management and motivation of human resources.
He is keen on organizational dynamics analysis and communication.