Correctly uses your 5 senses to create your own map of the world

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The way we see the world is only our vision, but there are many others.
Your way can not be defined either correct or wrong, but it is one of the many possible ways created from your map of the world and your vision of reality. But you can ask: does my way work? Does it allow me to be happy? Does it make me feel good? Does it allow me to achieve the objectives?

The representational systems

Our mind gradually builds “its world” that is not the reality, but its interpretation and representation, based on our experiences, our values, our beliefs which are the relations of cause and effect of specific actions learned during our lives .

In this way, each person develops his own idea of the world because he has created a map of the world.

Our map of the world is not static but is dynamic because it changes every time we implement a new behavior for us, unusual, different, every time we challenge our belief.

In this way we change and so improve.

Our personal representation or map of the world groves based on the information we perceive from the world around us and from its processing (the program).

This information is captured by the 5 senses:



Each of us gives more or less attention to each of the 5 senses. According to the preference that is given to one sense rather than another we use it more or less frequently.

Most people use mostly the visual system (40%) and the kinesthetic (40%), while only 20% use the auditive.

When we live an experience, there is always a system (sense) that mark more than any other the experience.

For example, the same concert can be described with adjectives very different: touching and overwhelming (for kinesthetic) or loud, bombastic or sensational (for auditive), spectacular, huge and full of lights and effects (for the visual).

Therefore, the external stimulus (the real world) is perceived by our five senses with a weight and a custom filter and gives rise to a personal representation of reality that is different for each person: our map of the world.

Our maps are defined by the way of perception and representation that we use in our life experiences.

The way we learn and the meaning we give to our experiences determines our view of reality.

Your vision is one vision of the world, but there are many others, and it is neither correct nor incorrect.

However, knowing which is our presentational system and so which is the predominant sense is very important for self-knowledge.

Using multiple representational systems make easier to understand the people around us, trying to look at their world through the way they represent it.

Observing the verbal expressions of the people we are able to understand the system of representation that they prefer.

Being able to use all the representational systems allows you to get the attention and understanding of everyone, such as in a meeting, with friends, family, etc..



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