Create your success, follow your passion

by gaetano
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Success is personal and it is greater the larger is the goal we have set. But this objective is strictly personal and the greatness is subjective.

In the first article we talked about the importance of dreams, in this article I propose to you the second tip for your way to the success: the passion!

The strength of the Passion

How many days do you feel very tired and do not feel like doing anything? Well it’s not serious is normal and sometimes it happens at all, that’s part of you. But have you ever noticed how this tiredness disappears when you get ready to do something that you really like? In these moments your passion comes out and you’re feeding your soul. Live with passion even moments of abandonment, as a positive reflection of life and not as a torture of reality. What is reality if not a dream that come true? Do not turn your life into a job, into a habit. Do not get used to living, because the routine of living lowers the taste of life. With the routine you don’t taste anything, the habit fades, gets tired. Accustoming yourself to live, life loses its color, its brilliance. I’ve known people who accumulate money to buy the house and save everything they can in order to be able to enjoy someday their purchase, but in the meantime they live with frustration their days. The days go by and even the largest and most beautiful home will never give back them. Do not allow the time to make fun of you stealing the hands of your watch: do not ever say I’ll do tomorrow what you have to do right now. Do not think a thousand times on a question that you are not able to solve alone: ask for help, people will help you lovingly if you are willing to do the same thing wuth them. Your life is a collection of things and each one has its role and its importance. If you work only if you only watch only television or play computer games probably don’t feel happy . Remember that there are times to devote to yourself, to love, to friendship, to family. Do not always repeat to yourself: I do not have time. Learn how to use it! It’s important to have passions in life. Something that thrills us, that makes us feel alive and my suggestion is that they should not be just a hobby, but also an idea, a dream! The passions may also change with time: when we are teenagers we could like something that we don’t like anymore when we are thirty. Without passion life can be monotonous, repetitive and lacking of incentives. If you find something in your journey of life that you really like, that you enjoy, that makes you feel good try not to lose it on the street or to abandon it. Making it grow you will make yourself right because you will feed your essence. Passion gives you energy, makes you feel good! Follow what you do better and you will succeed because it is what you’re made of, or maybe that’s what you need to do! Exercise:

  • Write down in a notebook the moments of passion that you live
  • When you have a sufficient number of items try to figure out what connects them
  • Dedicate to what you have found at least one day, an evening , an hour every week, and listen to your passion that grows

This was the second piece of advice for your success. If you have not already read the key of dreams do it and do not miss the next tip!


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