Do you believe in your success?

by gaetano
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There always is someone who asks us if we are optimistic, but what does it mean? Why do you always have to be something? Try to say how you feel, don’t label yourself and believe in what you do.

In order to live successfully don’t be resigned to watch others with envy, maybe feeling you inferior, but try to love yourself first and what you believe in, looking for the intrinsic value of what you are.

Love for yourself is a fundamental requirement for a healthy life. It is an essential ingredient for forge lasting relationships. The key needed to open the door to a life of true joy.

Self-esteem is the deepest aspiration of our heart. Ask yourself what sustains you, what keeps you alive and what do you think that will make you happy.

You will find happiness and success in money? No, the rich are often less happy than the poor. In youth or in health? The youth passes relentlessly and when you’re healthy are you always happy? Do you feel accomplished?
Then where? In yourself! If you trust someone that is you. You can trust you!

When you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and living foolishly, when you will start believing in yourself and you will realize that you are a unique, special and non-repeatable being then you will have reached your personal success. Whatever happens to you if you will remain firm in what you believe you will find the strength to overcome it.

The Jungian psychoanalyst Guy Corneau (13 January 1951) argues that “We are made to realize ourselves.” I really like the image of a seed that grows if we cultivate it. Overcoming the initial fear, we can get the most from the “living forces” that we carry within us and let us be guided by the confidence in ourselves to get out of the prison of our lives.


This path to our success, leads to a life that truly looks like us and explains who we are. The path is tiring and it is continuous, but the result will be so satisfying to reward us for all the efforts.

Look at the strength in you and take advantage of it at any time and for every occasion, leaving space for your imagination. If you let that your creative energy gives off you do not even realize that time is passing and, like babies, you will pass by a creative impulse to another without even realizing it. A persistent boredom is a sign that you need to find a way to give incentives to your life by rediscovering your interests.

You, like an actor, need to develop the fantasy that is the very life of the character. Imagination is a gift that we all possess. Think of the child who is guided by his own imagination, for him, time flows without boredom!


  1. Try to define yourself in this moment. Do you feel active or passive? Enthusiastic or bored?
  2. What do you like to do and what makes you feel good?
  3. What do you feel you need at this time to grow? What do you believe?

This was the last piece of advice for your success, if you have not already done so, please read the key of dreams, passion, be yourself and be humble.


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