A method to handle emergencies

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The occurrence of an emergency requires timely and effective management . Rules and description of an effective method to deal with and manage an emergency, abandoning the usual rules.
When emergencies occur, it is necessary to recognize and abandon the usual rules to fully concentrate on the emergency.
The priorities and our own time must be devoted to the emergency management.
Basic rules for the emergency management are:

  • to be quick and decisive to contain the emergency
  • decisions must be made quickly and safely, based on facts
  • when the emergency is passed, it is essential do a retrospective analysis in order to learn to.

Based on the above rules, a simple but effective method for dealing with emergencies is described below:

  1. Take decisions quickly:
    • communicate critical information to key people
    • be present on the scene
    • emergencies do not give us the luxury of making conservative estimates
  2. Extend the communication to all involved people
  3. Ask information to the right people going in the right places
  4. Do not worry about the rules which are made to ensure the processes under normal conditions
  5. To delegate daily responsibilities to competent collaborators in order to give priority to the emergency

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