how to be the best boss

by iwolm
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The best boss is not the one that claims obedience but the one who convinces, and ensure the social integration.
He is the one who helps the others to become real leaders in turn.
The achievement of an organization always depends on the contribution of many people involved in the process.

Each person creates his own map of reality (NLP) and many problems arise from a misperception of the reality.
The failure to achieve our goals is often due to the fact that many people do not converge to the same goal, but disagree.
Everyone try to assert the interests of his class, his group, his position.
Any official or chief tends to increase his range and therefore his power.
By doing so, binding procedures, unnecessary rules and absurd prohibitions are defined.
When this happens in an organization, there is the need to have a strong man that, at that moment, could impose a single point of view, so as to force all to the obedience.
This energetic action becomes necessary and will be successful because it will end the discussions, everybody will run in one direction so inefficiencies and delays will decrease.
It ‘important, however, that this way of demand obedience is implemented in the first phase only, it will help the organization only if it will not remain in time, otherwise the company will lose energy and vitality, people miss the enthusiasm and the desire to improve creativity.
This dangerous mistake should not be made by the boss, who should not misrepresent his role that is not to impose his will, expect absolute obedience and sowing terror.
The head must indicate the goal, to show the way, to tell others where to go.
The boss should allow the achievement of the objectives ensuring the social integration.
Therefore, the best boss must impel his collaborators, must allow them to capitalize their own ideas, must help them to use their energy and their ability to find the right tools to achieve the common goal, so to become real leaders in turn.

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