How to use nowadays the philosophy of Deming

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The theories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, known also for the PDCA method or Deming wheel, even if published in 1986 still have application and very interesting developments and the importance of its concepts remain unchanged. We must learn to work within a system and none of us should act in order to gain advantages but we have to contribute to the entire system, with a Win-Win.

The 12 points of change management according to Deming are still very current and are used to reduce costs and improve the quality:

  1. Create firmness of purpose and intentions to improve our products and services, and so to become competitive and stay in business
  2. It is no longer possible to accept as normal the common delay levels, the no quality of materials, and the errors
  3. Eliminate the dependence on quality inspection to achieve quality, eliminate the 100% controls on large-scale and pass to the statistical controls and build quality in upstream processes, e.g. in the early stages of development of the product or service
  4. Do not judge, evaluate and select suppliers based on price only, but work to minimize the total cost and build with them long-term relationships of trust and loyalty. Eliminate suppliers that can not keep a good quality/price ratio
  5. Continuously improve all business processes, design, programming, production, to reduce costs
  6. Prepare training plans and ongoing training of employees
  7. Orient managers to help employees to improve the quality of work
  8. Involve all employees to improve the company, eliminating the fear and encouraging communication
  9. Break and eliminate the barriers between offices and departments and foster teamwork to address, resolve and prevent problems
  10. Replace the objectives and numerical targets for managers with requests for actions of leadership and motivation
  11. Give back to workers the pride of what they are doing, eliminating the pure management by objectives
  12. Allow every person to realize the change and the improvement.


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