Improve your interpersonal relationships discovering which of the 4 social styles belong to you

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Many human behaviors are not the result of logical and rational considerations, but they are often the result of experiences lived during childhood, adolescence and life.
Know and recognize some simple mechanisms that are the basis of social behaviors allows to have good and lasting relationships.
The knowledge of social styles is mainly used in techniques of sales and trading, but it is also very useful to improve interactions with colleagues, family members and friends.
At the basis of a better relational skill there is the knowledge of how a person behaves normally.
The ability to communicate adapting to the various stakeholders permits to build productive relationships.

Very often communication difficulties are due to the different behaviors of the interlocutors that do not allow you to open and activate pathways of connection between the persons.

People capable in relationships are not necessarily speakers or funny guys, but they are good to be in tune with every party.

The model of social styles, come from the U.S., is an elaboration of some of the concepts of communication on the management of the interaction between two people and has the following objectives:

  • Recognize the differences in behavior between people
  • Improving communication through the correct interpretation of the different behavior
  • Identify and manage any tension during the relationship and avoid conflict
  • Make productive relationship.

To figure out which social style belong to us and how we are perceived and identified by others, we must think and analyze our behavior, to understand the way in which we make decisions, recognize the things that we fear or are difficult to do.

The description of the persons belonging to the four social styles can be useful to identify our own one.
A free self-assessment test on knowledge of social styles is available.

Description of the 4 social styles:

ANALYTICAL STYLE → rigid person, methodical, serious
This type of person tends to be precise and to act methodically and systematically, he pays great attention to quality and detail.
It is generally slow in acting and deciding, speak slowly and calmly, sometimes monotonous, he expresses his point of view always with care and caution.
He has a high level of emotions control, rarely shows his face animation or special sensitivity to the feelings. He never acts by instinct, but always makes the analysis and in-depth assessments using all the collected information.
He rarely comes to precipitous conclusions and is not very risk-oriented.
This person is very oriented to concrete aspects and is rarely funny.
He prefers to work alone and have fun alone, he likes to read technical books.
AMABILE STYLE → diplomatic person, cooperative, comprehensive
It ‘a person who tends to deal with situations and problems with empathy and understanding, always oriented to other people.
She loves working in a team but usually speaks little and slowly, with bass tone and friendly.
She takes into account the needs of others and find a compromise to avoid aggression.
Believe in others and tend not to express her views at first, but encourages others to do so.
Generally avoid taking or incentivizing the other to take decisions.
She is open approaches, shows a lot of empathy and sensitivity to the feelings, worrying about the impact of its decisions on other people.
He likes to spend time with others, love to read fiction books.
EXPRESSIVE STYLE → spontaneous, enthusiastic, outgoing
He is the kind of person who does not just see one aspect of a situation, but identifies the different ones and makes a complete framework of the problem.
He usually moves quickly and takes risks trying new approaches and opportunities.
Develops the team spirit with good humor, energy, spontaneous approach, decision and quick action.
He has a good ability to persuade and to express his opinions.
He speaks quickly and with few hesitation, express his opinions in a strong manner using different tones of voice and gesture.
He does not hide his feelings and the facial expressions are clear.
He does not like routine work, decides and urges others to decide quickly.
He likes to spend time having fun with the other people and he doesn’t like to read so much.
EXECUTIVE STYLE → efficient person, firm, concrete
He is a pragmatic person oriented to facts, results, risk and action, knowing where to go and what goal to achieve.
He is energetic and fast, he always expresses himself with energy and express his ideas in a clear, concrete and concise way, going quickly to the heart.
He does not use very much the gestures and the facial expressions are minimal, generally he is serious.
Often acts independently, on his own and decides quickly taking risks, but does not look often for the deepening and analysis.
He likes to spend time alone or with short-term contact with the others. He prefers the short readings.


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