A good use of the time and the first law of Parkinson

by iwolm
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Easy advice to make the most of your time and adopt effective behavior, according to the first Parkinson law.
According to Parkinson, if you have a day to accomplish a task, the said task will take all day.

If you have two days instead, you’ll probably carry out your task in two days, even though not so well as you would have done in eight days.


Work expands until it takes up all the available time.

What follows is easy advice taken from the Parkinson’s first law. It is very useful in order to adopt effective behavior in managing your time.

  1. First, do the most difficult things or the ones you’re not very good at; otherwise, the rest will occupy all the time at your disposal.
  2. Fix deadlines for each activity you want to undertake so that they do not take more than necessary.
  3. Avoid routine work that will end by taking up all the time at our disposal without leaving space for other activities.

From Murphy’s laws by Arthur Bloch:

  • It takes more time than expected to do anything.
  • Every time you start doing something there is always something else to be done beforehand.
  • Nothing we do turns out completely well.
  • Nothing is as easy as it would seem.
  • Anything that can possibly go wrong, does
  • It is impossible to create something foolproof because fools can be absolutely ingenious.
  • The odds that something may happen is inversely proportional to its desirability.
  • A short cut is the maximum distance between two points.

Murphy was an optimist.

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