Are you a good leader? The styles of leaders

by iwolm
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There are no patterns or established models to be a good leader, although there are different types of leaders that we can define as styles.
Each style has both positive and negative characteristics; it is not so important what style is used, what’s important is the style that belongs to us, that it is consistent with what we are.
A MIX of different styles characterizes a good leader.

Each manager can be successful with his/her own management style, but it has to be his/her style, or rather the one which matches his/her personality. Collaborators compensate the differences in management styles, bringing those who guide them to success.

Organizations survive because most people do everything to keep things going with any kind manager.

The 7 Leader styles:


This kind of Leader wants order, he/she requires trust, he/she is professionally competent and reliable, very correct and communicative



The Leader is a dreamer, courageous and inspirational, very innovative. He/she  has a high sense of SELF



He is a kind of leader who avoids details and everyday routine; he/she is a good planner and focuses on strategic objectives.



He/she is a Leader who  is very energetic and curious, always alert to new ideas and  very participatory.



He/she is a practical Leader, very result-oriented, he/she knows how to persevere though he/she is intolerant to errors.



This kind of Leader is experienced, very calm and generally solitary; resistant to change and without an inspirational capacity.



He/she is a leader able to motivate people; he/she  knows how to inspire them and is tolerant, provides feedback and support to other people.


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