You can lose weight or stop smoking, the SWISH technique

by iwolm

If you want to get rid of an unwelcome behaviour or a vice like smoking, nail biting, always touching hair, putting fingers in your nose, eating whatever you can find in the cupboard or if you have trouble speaking in front of an audience, or you have difficulty in sustaining an argument with your boss, or relating with colleagues, you can use the technique of SWISH.
One the tools of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), it is a technique that just in 7 minutes for 7 days allows you to get rid of your vices and replace a negative behaviour with a positive one.


The neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a model for the study and interpretation of human potential.
It provides techniques, tools, rules, models and ideas to improve our personal and professional life and be more self-confident.
It helps to find motivation, change unwanted behaviour and control our emotions.
The NLP, which is a psychology integration of linguistics, systems’ theory and cybernetics, helps to improve the ability to understand oneself as well as other people and to make oneself understood. In short, it helps to improve one’s performance.


The SWISH technique is based on the principle that our brain isn’t able to tell the events and images that really happened and that we really saw from the events that we just imagined.
Thanks to this technique it is possible to correct the behaviour without making a real action but simply imagining it.
It is possible to change the representation of the behaviour; in other words it is possible to replace the wrong image with the corrected image designed by us.

Preparation for the use of the technique

Before applying this technique we have to learn how to represent images in our mind.
In order to do this I suggest you should practice watching for about ten seconds some simple images, such as a vase of flowers in front of you, a table with chairs, a library, etc. ..
Then close your eyes and remember the image you just saw, trying to focus on shapes, details and colours.
Open your eyes for a few seconds, watch again the image and repeat the exercise several times, until you can quickly imagine the objects that you see in front of you in a precise, detailed and clear way.

Step 1 in the swish application

First of all chose a behaviour or a vice you want to delete.
Then close your eyes and create the most precise and detailed image of what you want to change. It has to be precise in form, details and colours.
Pinpoint the moment when the unwelcome behaviour starts, such as when you open the refrigerator door or the cupboard one, when you bring your fingers to the nose or mouth, or when you turn off the alarm clock to sleep.

Step 2

Imagine having a large screen in front of you and project the image of the initial moment.
The image must be focused, sharp and precise.
Watch this picture on the screen for about ten seconds.

 Step 3

On the bottom right of this imaginary screen, project the new behaviour image. It has to be small, black and white. It is the image of the correct behaviour, that is the action you’d like to take at that  moment.
For example, instead of opening the cupboard or the refrigerator you could take a glass of water; instead of bringing your hands to your face you should scrub your hands; you should turn off the alarm and wake up full of energy and positive thoughts.
The small picture at the bottom must coexist with the big one on the screen.

Step 4

Still keeping your eyes closed, imagine to take the small picture at the bottom right with the right hand and to enlarge it. Try to bring it to the center of the big screen and replacing  it to the original one (the one of the bad behaviour).
The new image must be clear, focused and in colour as the old one.
While doing this imaginary operation, physically perform the action of moving  the small screen with the right hand: move it from the bottom right to the middle of the face and say the word: swish.

Step 5

Keep visualizing the new image (the correct behaviour) for about ten seconds. Then open your eyes and wait a few seconds.

Step 6

Repeat the process for at least 6 times, faster and faster.

Step 7

Since the technique is based on repetition and speed, you have to repeat this exercise for at least 7 consecutive days. The final result is that when you’ll be starting the wrong behaviour, you will immediately think of the image of the correct behaviour and automatically do the right action.
If after a certain period the wrong behaviour resurfaces, repeat the exercise for a few more days. The swish technique is really very effective, and believe me, me too I was initially very skeptical about its effectiveness, but in 7 days I got rid of a very unpleasant behaviour.

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