The correct posture for good health

by gaetano

The correct posture can be briefly defined as the “coherent deformation of gravity” (source: wikipedia)
A bad posture can result in noise, and, with the passing of time, it can also lead to serious conditions such as arthritis.

The posture is the way in which the body reacts to stress by the force of gravity.

Our posture is dependent upon several factors, biomechanical, neurological, emotional, and relational. The correct posture is characterized by the absence of muscular tension and by a proper balance between the various muscles of the body while a wrong posture generates tensions that cause muscle and skeletal adaptations.

With some tricks we can get better and healthy.

How to drive a car

Sit as close as possible to the steering wheel, so that the legs are wounded when pressing the pedals how to drive a car


How to lift objects

Do not lift weights beyond your capacity. Bend your knees and use your leg muscles.
Avoid sudden movements.
Keep the weight close to the body and not higher than the belt.
When you bring the bags to try to distribute the weight symmetrically, don’t bringing a big one but two small bags; the spine will be loaded in the same way but the muscles will be balanced
 how to lift objects


How to sleep

The mattresses must not be too rigid or soft; to date the best ones are variable density depending on the weights of the different body areas.
The pillow must be ergonomic and it has to respect the natural curve of the neck.
Sleeping on the back, place a pillow under your knees.
Sleeping on the side, keep your legs bent at the knees and hips.
 how to sleep


How to sit

Use a hard chair, leaning well your back.
Keep one or both knees above the hips, for example, leaning on a stool.
Do not sit for long periods in the same position, but get up and walk briefly running movements of relief
 how to sit


How to stand

Try to keep your lower back straight.
Use a stool to help.
Do not bend forward without bending the knees.
Do not use high-heeled shoes, but prefer the amortized one.
 how to stand

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