How to identify the thieves of our time

by iwolm
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An help to identify the factors that in our days subtract us time. An important step to improve our performance and be more efficient. Here is the list of the top 10 thieves of time.
Time is a scarce resource. It can’t be handled, it has to be used.

The factors that take away some of the time at our disposal may be identified as the thieves of time:

  1. phone calls and distractions
  2. lack of goals, priorities, daily plans
  3. casual visitors (the myth of the open door) and unexpected ones
  4. ineffective delegation
  5. too many jobs at once
  6. full desk and personal disorganization
  7. inability to say no
  8. unfinished work and perfectionism
  9. delaying the most difficult works or unpleasant ones
  10. too long interviews or meetings.

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